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stealing this from :nickyflamingo: which sailor senshi am I most like?!
5 deviants said I need to know so comment please
do you know of sailor cadet academy?!
5 deviants said King Hyperion and Queen Hazuki by goddess-of-the-moon1 the king and queen are waiting
1 deviant said sailor-cadet-academy.deviantar…
1 deviant said rp isn't needed but it sure us fun
No deviants said It's an awesome group
No deviants said we even have an of site role play
No deviants said we are looking for new members
No deviants said and we're gonna have a contest soon!
No deviants said with prizes!
No deviants said this isn't your normal sailor moon group
No deviants said join us now!
well i decided not to remove myself from the web
12 deviants said I love you all
1 deviant said My art or claims that I steal my own art
No deviants said Im sorry l shouldn't get so worked up
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No deviants said life just piles up but thanks to you guys
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SailorYukiko by goddess-of-the-moon1
This lovely lady is a Senshi of Myth. Sailor Yukiko.

:iconsenshiofeternity: owned by :iconthenekk:

Check them out! It's lots of fun!

Personal information- 
Name:  Adina   Re'em Shamira

Name Meaning:  
 Adina means "delicate, gentle" in Hebrew.  Re'em Means Unicorn in hebrew. Shamira means "guardian, protector" in Hebrew.

Unicorns can live to be hundreds, perhaps even thousands of years old if left untouched by evil hands

Height : 16.1 hands (5'5" )

Weight: 450kg  (This is a norm for horses)



Skin Color: 

Hair Color: 
translucent silver color, rainbow flecks when light hits

Eye Color: 

Adina, when out of her senshi form, will take the shape of a unicorn. She is more humanoid in her Senshi form, but retains her unicorn ears, and her starseed appears where her horn is normally present, but her ruby carbuncle is underneath it at all times. 
Her hooves will match the colour of her eyes, and are solid in shape, leaving a distinct mark, but this is only seen on marshy land. It is rare to find the hoof mark of a Unicorn, for they tread very lightly, some even believe that they hover just above the ground, as they will leave few traces of their presence. Also her collar is present at all times. She can be taken into service by anyone she deems worthy of her power, and will allow them to attach a chain to her collar. 

-Senshi information- 

senshi name:-

Height :  (5'5" )

Weight:  Undeterminable

Attacks/powers : (all have Hebrew names meanings in parentheses)

:star: KESHET HILA (rainbow, halo)
Protruding from her starseed on her forehead, a great rainbow light appears, becoming a Beautiful sheild of light surrounding Sailor Yukiko's form

:star:  Keren Dalit (Horn/ray of light, to draw water)
Protruding from her starseed on her forehead, a translucent horn appears with a spiral engraved upon it, which catches the sun and reflects the rays to the area around. This horn is super sharp and can be used to impale an incoming attacker. If there is any good present in an attacker, the horn will absorb the darkness and leave the good in a flash of light. If not the evil will simply disappear in a flash of light

:star: Shani Maayan (red/scarlet , spring of water) 
The final astonishing ability as told in many legends is the power of the Unicorn's blood.
Upon uttering this phrase, an amount of blood, determined by Yukiko's need, will spill forth. This can create a barrier that can't be crossed allowing yukiko to escape or simply allow her time to get a better vantage point to attack and take down her aggressor.  This is not an attack she likes to use but as a last resort it is helpful.

"For the blood of a Unicorn to be spilt means that something of great evil has happened to it. And so every drop of blood that touches the ground is deadly to whatever encounters the thick, scarlet liquid, should it be an ant on the ground, the grass beneath, or perhaps even a human or youma which might have caused the death of the Unicorn. It is truly an irony for an animal so pure to harbor a weapon so deadly within the very essence of its form. "

:star: Chesed Bracha (Mercy Blessing) 
Sailor Yukiko will gingerly take her glowing orb from the staff *LIBI* and touch it to her star seed on her forhead. A spiral horn will appear and the tip will separate from the rest of the horn, falling into the Orb. She will offer her orb to a recipient, and once they place their hand on the orb, any illness, will be healed whether it be mental, physical etc.

A chunk of her star seed will go missing for a short period, but usually regenerates. This is not able to be used frequently and larger pieces take longer to regenerate. If too much of the horn/seed is given or taken Yukiko will die.  This is considered a great honor.

:star:  Paz Sharshah ROTEM (gold  chain to bind)

Weapon: ORI  GILI LIBI (my light,my joy, my heart) 
this is Sailor Yukiko's weapon, it has three forms.
The Most common form would be the open staff form known as ORI where the wings are open and the glow can be seen from the glowing center. The wings can move freely to lift Yukiko off the ground. 

the second most common form.  The staff is present, but the wings curl up protectively around the glowing center, the staff retracts slightly to reveal a sharp point on the end.

LIBI The least common form, This is simply the glowing orb from the staff, when it is held separately. It is at it's most vulnerable form like this. 

Transformation item and phrase :
To Transform Yukiko bows her head and then thrusts her horn straight into the sky, the carbuncle glows and wraps her in a shimmering light and she transforms

= Story-=

Sailor Yukiko is a senshi of myth, Most of the other senshi doubt in her existence, but few believe, and even fewer have luckily caught a fleeting glimpse of this beautiful senshi.

She is a guardian and protector of well being, most notably of the healthy well being of those being born into the world, who are extremely vulnerable, those suffering from illness or mental failings due to youma etc. Her duty is to rid the youma from the area of those unable to defend them selves. Her horn (starseed) is able to cure any illness instantly if taken into the body, many of the unicorns have died for the simple greed of the people and of youma seeking it's power. For, once the horn is taken, the beast will die almost immediately. There are noted exceptions to this however. If a Unicorn judges a person in need to be worthy of its remarkable healing power, it will offer the tip of its horn to the sufferer. To have this happen is indeed a great honor. In this case, the beast will not die.

More info on unicorns………


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